MUGA pitch contractors

MUGA Pitch Contractors

MUGA Pitch game areas are becoming more and more popular within schools, sports clubs and a variety of different establishments as they offer a great way for many different types of sport to be played in one compact area. They are also designed to offer a safe playing surface which is able to cope with regular use and are accredited by the necessary sporting governing bodies.

In order to provide a complete MUGA construction service we are able to install different types of multisport surfacing including polymeric, synthetic turf grass, and even tarmac surfaces. All of these are built on a foundation that is created using either a crushed stone or tarmacadam sub-base. Once the installation of the base is complete a colouring and line marking service can be completed so that the courts are ready to be used.

Interviewing MUGA Pitch Contractors: Key Questions to Ask

The MUGA contractors that we work with can also offer reactive services and carry out repairs, rejuvenations, and upgrades to existing facilities. These are often a necessity due to general wear and tear or heavy usage which can lead to the surfacing becoming damaged.

For example, a local authority found that their existing wide-gauge mesh fencing was being used as a climbing ladder by agile youngsters who were scaling it to gain footholds and handholds in order to flip over the top and scale down the other side. The MUGA contractors were able to help them resolve this issue by upgrading the fencing to a more robust finer gauge mesh that stopped the agile climbers from effectively using it as a ladder.

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