Bakers Dozen Donuts in New Orleans, LA

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Bakers Dozen Donuts New Orleans

Bakers Dozen Donuts in New Orleans, LA, is a family-run donut shop with a lot to offer. The shop makes all of the dough, fillings, and toppings in-house, and they sell their donuts and other baked goods at their bakery, cafe, and retail store. They also host special events and family-friendly activities.

The bakery has a variety of donuts, including glazed, iced, and filled varieties. For those who want something a little different, the bakery has many flavored beignets. These are fried sweet treats that come in flavors such as maple bacon, strawberry, and chocolate covered.

Among the most popular donuts are their red velvet and plain buttermilk drop balls. If you’re in the mood for a cake donut, there are blueberry and cinnamon versions to try. All of the bakery’s donuts are made in house, and they specialize in breakfast and lunch catering. There are even seasonal fruit fritters. In addition to the variety of doughnuts, the bakery has a small menu of breads and baked goods.

The bakery has two locations, and they are open seven days a week. They have a great coffee selection, and they serve donuts and other goodies for breakfast. The bakery also has a wide range of breakfast options, from breakfast sandwiches to gumbo and omelettes.

While the donuts at Bakers Dozen are very good, the bakery’s specialty is king cakes. The bakery has an extensive list of special donuts and king cakes that they regularly create, and the store has a calendar of all of their specialty donuts for the month. A few of the bakery’s donuts are even turned into king cakes for Carnival season.

The store has a huge selection of doughnuts and other baked goods, and they are made fresh daily. The bakery offers a wide variety of traditional, classic, and creative donuts, as well as filled and iced donuts, and apple fritters. Their apple fritters are naturally dark and well-made.

Bakers Dozen Donuts is a fun and delicious place to visit. You can have a variety of donuts to enjoy, but you can also get a donut shake or a giant cinnamon roll. Some of their donuts are gluten free, too. This is a great way to satisfy your cravings, while supporting a local business.

Bakers Dozen Donuts has been around for over twenty years. They’re known for their friendly staff and good food. They’ve even celebrated National Donut Day with a giveaway of donut holes. But what really makes the doughnuts at this bakery so popular is their variety. You can have any of their varieties, or have them custom-made with your favorite flavors.

They’re a local business, and the prices are good. A dozen donuts will cost you about $4. It’s a great place to stop on a trip to New Orleans. Even better, the bakery is open in the morning, so you can pick up a donut as you’re leaving the airport or getting on the road for the day.

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