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With a large number of locals and tourists in the city, finding girls in istanbul isn’t as tough as it might seem. With the right approach and charm, you can hook up with a girl of your choice. However, it is important to remember that Turkish women are highly conservative and would never think of having casual sex with strangers. Go here

This is mainly because they belong to families that keep a strict tab on them and have defined roles to play in the society. Straying away from these roles could lead to a lot of trouble for the women. This being said, you should only flirt with women who are single and not married. While there are many such women in the city, most of them can be found at nightclubs or on Adult Friend Finder.

How to Date Turkish Women

You can also try visiting the colleges and universities in the city as they have a good number of students. You can hang around at the campus during evenings (5-7 pm) and look for girls in their twenties. However, you need to be calm and sensitive towards the girls. Also, you should not be too direct about asking them out or be too aggressive.

Istanbul’s unique geographical location makes it a bridge between Asia and Europe. Hence, the city has a different dating culture that is more liberal and westernized than what one might expect in an Asian country. Moreover, the city is filled with tourists throughout the year, so it’s easy to find girls who are open to having a mutually beneficial relationship.

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