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A Granny annexe garden room is a self-contained living space that can be built quickly and easily on your property. This can be a fantastic option if you’re looking to provide care and support for elderly relatives without having to move them into a care home.

Can I build a brick garden room?

A garden annex can also be used to provide accommodation for visiting family and friends or as a dedicated home office space. It can be adapted to meet the changing needs of your family, offering peace of mind and the ultimate separation and privacy.

With an increasing demand for flexible and accessible housing, many people are turning to granny annexes to help look after elderly or disabled relatives without having to move them out of their homes. Whether you’re looking to give your loved ones their own comfortable retreat, or simply want more time with them, it can be difficult to balance work, family and social life to visit an elderly relative as much as you would like.

An annexe can allow you to spend more time with your elderly loved ones and create some priceless memories. This is especially important in the current pandemic, as many elderly people are unable to leave their homes due to the flu outbreak. Our luxury garden annexes are built from slow grown timber and Scandinavian spruce, ensuring they’re well-insulated and energy efficient throughout the year. They can also be upgraded to include heating and cooling systems for added comfort.

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