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A well-maintained gym will be more productive and safe, allowing your members to get the most out of their workout. It also ensures that your reputation is maintained as a clean, hygienic facility.

Most gyms have a nominated member of staff that does a daily walkabout to inspect equipment for any new faults. This person should be someone with a keen eye that won’t let small issues go unnoticed.

If you don’t have the time or resources to look after your gym equipment, consider outsourcing a maintenance company that will provide you with a regular schedule for servicing and cleaning. They’ll work with you to meet hygiene and health & safety standards so that you can be confident that your customers are using equipment that’s fit for purpose.

Maintaining Your Investment: Tips for Effective Gym Equipment Servicing

Gym equipment service should be carried out regularly, especially during peak periods. This will help you to catch any problems before they develop into major faults that result in extended downtime and costly call-outs.

A proper maintenance schedule will include weekly tasks such as inspecting power cords, tightening screws, bolts, and nuts on treadmills, deep cleaning free weights, benches, pedals and seats, and checking the overall operation of each piece of equipment. It’ll also include monthly tasks such as lubricating machinery and oil levels (where applicable), inspecting safety straps, tightening belts and making sure that all cables are secure. A good maintenance company will also use a database to store and track maintenance records for each piece of equipment.

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