Healthcare SEO Expert Audit – Why You Need a Partner With Expertise in Healthcare SEO

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The healthcare industry has some unique needs when it comes to marketing. As a highly regulated market, it’s important to have a partner with deep expertise in healthcare SEO to avoid legal missteps and keep patients’ information safe. Blake Denman, founder of local SEO agency RicketyRoo, explains that “SEO in the medical field is more difficult because search engines want to provide the best answer to a question, and that means having accurate information in your content.”

How do I hire a good SEO specialist?

Having an effective website is crucial to driving new patients. Medical experts recommend creating a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and fix website issues that may be hindering your rankings. Healthcare SEO expert audit includes ensuring your site is mobile friendly, optimized for search engines, and contains the right keywords in the right places.

In addition to making sure your website is technically sound, it’s also important to have a logical site architecture that’s easy for users to navigate. This is important because it helps search engines understand the relationships between pages on your site, which impacts how they rank your content.

As a healthcare brand, you’re likely to have a lot of authority and trustworthiness that can be leveraged online. For example, you can use case studies that showcase successful patient outcomes to show your level of expertise and build credibility. You can also post compelling content on your blog that answers common questions about specific diseases and treatments.

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