How to Identify Click Fraud

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There identify click fraud of ways that click fraud can occur. It can be manual, like a disgruntled competitor clicking your ads to drain your budget or it can be automatic, where malicious attackers create bots that automatically click on your ad based on programming. These attacks can be devastating to your campaign and you should learn how to identify click fraud, so that you can act quickly.

Some of the most common indicators of click fraud are: High Click Volume – If you notice your campaign has a much higher click-through rate than the other campaigns in your account, this is a red flag. This is typically caused by click fraud, as the attack is generating clicks to drain your ad spend and distorting your metrics.

“Click Fraud Unmasked: Proactive Strategies for Prevention and Protection

Geographical Anomalies – If you notice that your clicks are coming from areas of the world that don’t make sense with your product or service, this is another red flag. This is often caused by click fraud and can be a sign that attackers are trying to hide their activity from Google.

Checking for Click Fraud & Invalid Traffic is an important part of any paid search advertising program. While ad networks generally provide a reactive layer of defense for fraudulent clicks and invalid traffic, it’s a good idea to have some basic tools in place. One easy way to see if your campaign is being impacted by click fraud is to look at the Expected CTR metric in Google Ads for that specific campaign, and compare it to other similar keywords in the same account.

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