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IP Quality Score email validation is a first line of defense for your website against low quality users, fraudsters, and bad clicks. It checks if an email is a real address, has an active inbox, is configured properly for receiving new messages, and more.

With a simple API call, IP Quality Score validates email addresses while scoring them with reputation data to identify fraudulent, spammy, or abusive behavior. Our enterprise-level reputation technology leverages click behavior, user ID, and other signals to detect high risk activity that other services fail to see.

Our Email Reputation API performs hundreds of syntax & DNS checks and determines if an email is valid. It also checks if an email belongs to a disposable or temporary mail service, has a history of fraudulent activities, recent activity as a spam trap, honeypot, or frequent complainer, and more.

Elevating Email Excellence: A Deep Dive into IP Quality Score Email Validation

Our email verification & reputation scoring API is unique as we have direct relationships with mail service providers and can verify email addresses that other services cannot. We are also able to check and update emails in real time, so we can catch the newest services that fraudsters use to conduct their malicious activity online.

Our API includes detailed data that you can utilize in your custom logic. The “First Seen” date is a good indicator of how long the email has been used, and other data points can help you make better decisions when scoring an email or performing a lookup.

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