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Navigate Tech with Girl With Answers is the core of many applications that are improving our lives and bringing benefits for us like security and safety, efficient traffic management, intelligent navigation, smart city applications etc. These technologies are also making us more connected with each other and the world around us.

What is the future of navigation technology?

In healthcare, it is used to help doctors locate patients and equipment within the hospitals for better treatment. For example, if a patient has a device attached to them that needs repair or a machine is out of service, it will be easy for the maintenance professionals to find it using the location information marked digitally on the map. This will save the employees a lot of time as they won’t have to search for it themselves and the patients can be treated quickly.

Other industries that benefit from the navigational technology include the waste management industry where it can be used to track the exact locations of garbage containers so they can be picked up at the right time. It is also used in construction sites to mark the location of equipment and tools so that workers know where to look for them at all times. It is also used for the transportation sector as people can keep track of busses and other public transport services, saving them time waiting at the bus stops.

A number of startups and scaleups are developing solutions for more precise and informative navigational experiences. 3D navigation helps users visualize their surroundings in a more realistic way, while also offering more accurate directions that take into account terrain features that impact travel times. UK-based startup Odigia develops advanced localization and navigation (ALaN) systems for GPS-denied navigation on land. The company’s sensors improve positioning accuracy and pinpoint vehicles in their lane without the use of GPS signals.

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