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taxi with baby seat

In many countries around the world, it is legal to travel in a taxi with baby seat without a car seat. That doesn’t mean that it is safe, or even practical with a young child. However, sometimes it is unavoidable, either for the initial trip from the airport or if your destination offers no public transportation to reach your hotel.

Luckily, there are some services that offer taxis with baby seats. You can also bring your own car seat with you, but make sure to check the laws of the destination you are traveling to before doing so. Some states and territories require children under seven years old to use a child car seat in taxis, while others only require them to wear a lap-sash adult seat belt.

Taxi Adventures with Toddlers: How to Secure a Baby Seat and Navigate the City

If you are in a city where Uber has their own service to provide car seats, you can simply request an Uber vehicle with a car seat through the app. Uber will provide one for you for an extra $10, although this option is not available everywhere.

Some independent taxi companies and car services also offer taxis with car seats, including G7 in Paris, Shebah in Australia and Curb in NYC. You can find these on the apps of these companies or contact their customer service directly. Most of these taxis only carry a limited number of seats, so be sure to book ahead. The other option is to bring your own taxi seat and install it on the back of the taxi. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, but with a little planning you can make this possible.

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