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A well-designed warehouse layout can maximize space, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. However, a poorly designed warehouse layout can have the opposite effect, creating long-term problems that can cost your company valuable time and resources. A systems integrator or consultant with a strong track record in warehouse design can help you avoid these issues and achieve the benefits of a well-designed facility.Read more: logisticsbureau.com

What are the 28 key principles that you should consider for warehouse layout design and productivity?

The warehouse or distribution centre (DC) is a critical node in any supply chain or logistics function and receives, stores and ships products to customers. The objective of a warehouse design project is to create a concept design which utilises the most appropriate and efficient material handling equipment for the DC’s throughput requirements.

Warehouse layout planning should begin with accurate 2D visualization of the total available storage area, including floors, ceilings and doors. This can be done manually using grid paper or digitally through design software. It’s important to identify all limiting factors, such as existing machinery or other infrastructure, restrooms, offices and boiler rooms that cannot be used for warehouse storage.

Once the total storage area is determined, it’s crucial to plan for future expansion. This may involve saving specific areas of shelving or racking to accommodate future goods-to-person pick stations or automated storage and retrieval solutions (AS/RS). Warehouse layout planning should also take into account safety regulations, which are often enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This includes defining clear exit routes, creating designated locations for portable fire extinguishers and ensuring adequate clearance in aisles and loading docks.

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